We work in three ways:


We are partnered with Fareshare which has branches throughout the UK. Every Fareshare branch works slightly different but in Hull schools can sign up to the Fareshare pantry for an annual cost ( Or through Pupil Premium) which will then give the school a yearly supply of food, delivered weekly.  We can then send the school, at no cost, their desired amount of insulted backpacks to be packed by staff on site and a guidance pack to help make the scheme effective. 

Summer provision.

Summer should be an exciting time but for some children not having that vital free school meal can be a real problem. We are currently working on a once a week summer provision in both Selby and Hull close to our schools so that families can still access their backpacks.

Buddy Ups.

We are on the lookout for schools, or businesses that would like to collect dry goods for our back packs. ‘Radiance’ foods, tins, pastas, rice, sauces, longlife milk and cereal are very hard for Fareshare to source but are in most peoples cupboards. If you can helps us collect dry goods in the Hull area we can arrange a pick up! Please email…